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Conduru Arvorismo Conduru Arvorismo
Praia da Ribeira
Parcours Aventure - Acrobranche
Consists of a network of suspensed trails interconneted in the forest canopy with diverse level of difficulty and various activities to be mastered by the participant such as zip lining and rapeling.
Contact: Conduru Ecoturismo.
Tel: +55 73 - 3251 3089.

Sheik Caiaque - Kayak Trips Sheik Caiaque - Kayak Trips
Praia da Concha - Rio das Contas

Contact: Sheik ou Cristiano.
Tel: +55 73 - 9142 4855 / 73 - 8144 0300 / 73 - 9931 9227.

Itacaré Gym Itacaré Gym
Espaço Urbano - Rua Lodônio Almeida - Centro
Fitness academy. Personal training.
Contact: Itacaré Gym.
Tel: +55 73 - 9158 2040.

Capoeira Capoeira
Capoeira is a combination of dance and fight that mixes attack and defense moves with music. The groups of Itacaré practice Regional Capoeira and organize daily training, frequented by many children and young people, open to visitors, for courses too.

Stand Up Paddle Stand Up Paddle
Praia da Concha - Rio das Contas
Stand uppaddle lessons.

Surf Surf
Tiririca, Prainha, Jeribucaçu, Engenhoca, Havaizinho...
Surfing was the first sport praticed in Itacaré, considered the Surf City of the State of Bahia.

Associação de Volei de Itacaré
Rua 26 de Janeiro 176 - Marimbondo

Contact: Joé.
Tel: +55 73 - 3251 2977 / 73 - 8102 8162.

Academia de Judô Os Leões Dourados de Itacaré Academia de Judô Os Leões Dourados de Itacaré
Rua Leonardo Magalhães - Centro

Contact: Coordenador Leão.
Tel: +55 73 - 8114 0823 / 73 - 9975 9496.

Off road trips to Maraú Peninsula Off road trips to Maraú Peninsula
Itacaré - Taipus de Fora
Trips made with vehicles with 4x4 traction, bring together awareness of nature and adventure. Operated by local agencies of Itacaré.

Rafting Rafting
Rio de Contas - Taboquinhas
White water rafting

Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
Itacaré - Taboquinhas - Serra Grande
Activity praticed on various local trails in a natural environment. There is a certain degree of difficulty envolved.

Atmosphera Fitness Club
Rua João Coutinho 123 - Centro

Tel: +55 73 - 3251 3468.

Kayak Kayak
Rio das Contas
Sport practiced on the Contas River or on the Ocean.

Rapeling / Cascading Rapeling / Cascading
Mountaineering sport where the participant descents a waterfall or cascade using the same technique and equipment used for rapeling.